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everything with that sanic music look good loool

deviantart kill sonic

Ant0on responds:

You dont like Coldsteel the hedgeheg?

where is lemon demon song :v

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how to beat the game like a PRO:

how to burn the lady, use the bear trap and throwed to the vodka botler... WTF
how to kill the zombie girld, use the bear trap and wait her, when she fall in the trap use the Axe and mash her
how to kill the fetus, use a piece of wood and throw to the furnace then grab the worm and throw to the furnace.

jack cloudvandam can finish this game without hes eyes closed

i don't know for some reason that game remember me Shock Troopers

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wow, can I use this for a video? I will put your credits and page... I love it! ! !

wow i like that, this section of the voice acting is gold... newground you doit again

hey i can use this for NGR2 for one stage? this song its awesome for one rooftop battle in a city.
i will credit you

sandordude responds:

Ofc you can! :)

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my makonigga :v

Daundice responds:

dont you worry m8

I hate when thinks like this is not in Front Page

Cairos responds:

Heh, that's flattering. I believe the front page is best left for works that describe the community as a whole.

Personally, finding my images on folks' favorites is just as rewarding.

I don't understand why you have a low rate in this, btw the art look cool bruh.

Slunch responds:

Someone on NG doesn't like me and gave all of my work a low score shortly after I posted it.

an artis who like dance for money

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hotdog seller

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