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Posted by MAKOMEGA - June 2nd, 2014

Well I have a bunch of free time in this moment you want some costume character in your imagination to bring to life, or do you like to see that fan service in hentai mode in furry cover this is your moment


If you want a commission send a note to me here or you can add my newgrounds accounts: makomega.newgrounds.com/follow

Payment throught PayPal only!
Email: cris_gfx@hotmail.com

Style menu:

- Anime girl
- Fanart
- Cartoon
- Original Character
- Furry its ok
- Hentai
- Ecchi

Price packages:

- Sketch - $3
- Characters without colors line-art (half body): $5 
- Character without color line-art (full body): $10
- Character  with color (half body): $15
- Character with color (full body): $20
- Additional Background : starting at $5 [depending how complicated it is 
  the background]

How to describe your commission?:

It's easy with only 5 step:
- what style you want [anime, furry, cartoon, hentai, etc.].
- if you want a sketch, line-art, color, etc.
- then put what part of the anatomy you like [bust, full body, head only].
- description of your creation, is important add image concept.
- finally i will say you a price.

How I work:

Send me a note with the following details:
 - Your name.
 - The style you want.
 - The price of your commission.
 - Description of the character: Hair, Eye Color, Pose and anything else I need to know. If you can provide pictures, much better.

1) Then, I will make a sketch and I will send you a preview. This is when you tell me if the art needs any changing. (Note: I cannot do changes after I begin drawing the line art, except color or other minor changes depending on the case)

2) After the sketch is done and you are satisfied with the art, send half of the payment to my email listed above and I will finish doing the art.

3) When the art is finished and you are happy with it, send the other half of the payment. I will then send you the artwork in a PSD, JPG or any other file you wish.


not there money back after the first payment

Comments (1)

sounds good (butt) sadly i don't have a paypal account and I'm under age of even getting one and I'm broke sorry about that

Maybe in the future when you train Hyper dimension chamber and then go out with hair in everywhere on your body lol