2013-02-12 18:15:50 by MAKOMEGA

I'm making from a digital art of yufi toma, I have no drawing tablet to complete faster and making a good design of the character. btw

she destroy have the power to mastering any skill of martial arts thanks to two chinese bracelets inherited her grandparents after died called "the Onishidos" whenever she fights one ball lights and acquires more power and speed.

But after she got those bracelets Chinese, a group of demi gods detected and now want to recover to balance the world again
she fight with great demi gods enemies big nana [inside big nana "tokoyomy" assistant and "DR.CHANG"], Zura Scruba [one yakuza boss with great ability of his samurai sword can destroy a middle city with his techniques], Jina and nina [two prostitutes drag queens that may surprise you with their secret weapons] and the big guy Shiro-hiro [he have the power of the dragon forces and boss of the clan]

Any opinions, criticism and advice are acceptable
its not the complete version of yufi



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